Thursday, June 5, 2014

Castle and Sun!

First grade students loved revisiting Paul Klee by studying the polygons (they are learning about those in the classrooms) that Klee used to build his castle in "Castle and Sun".  Now I did base this lesson on something similar that I found online earlier this year, but I can't find it again, so please let me know if it is your brainchild.

First we used brown tempera paint on 12" x 18" 80 lb paper to build the outlines of larger shapes with sturdy rectangles of cardboard (I'd say I gave each student a 2" x 4" piece).  Students gently stamped the edges of their cardboard so they didn't damage it.  They then went into the larger shapes to divide into many smaller shapes.  The finishing step this day was to add one circle (toilet paper tube) for a sun.

On day 2 (this took 2 50 minute class sessions) students used chalk pastel to color in their castles, suns, and skies.


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