Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Protractor Crazy!

As it is my first year teaching, there have been several projects that I have facilitated with 2 different grade levels, to see which works best.  I really want my students to enjoy what they are doing, and I am finding that students are most enthusiastic when I strike the perfect balance between challenge and success (I guess this might seem obvious, but again, its my first year guys!). 

One of the assignments that I did this with was my Frank Stella inspired protractor project, based on (Ta-Da!) Stella's own Protractor Series.  We discussed Stella's life and works, deliberating the notions of abstract vs. realistic art, as well as organic versus geometric composition. 

I am so thrilled with how stunning were their results!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Are Beautiful!

As a proud and nerdy member of the School Safety Team, I decided to help my students promote some positive energy around our school community during our Week of Respect by introducing them to the You Are Beautiful project.  If you have not checked this out yet, please hesitate no longer!  It is a stunning example of how street art can enhance a community in a "beautiful" way.  
My Fifth graders and I discussed the differences between street art and graffiti, and deliberated the moral implications regarding the surreptitious creation of art on someone else's property.  We decided the best idea was to ask for permission!

Imagining Colors!

For my first project of the year with Kindergarten and Second grade students, we read "Frederick", by Leo Lionni.  With the Kindergarten students, we began by discussing the colors of their summers.   Students then found their seats by identifying their names on the "thought bubbles" that I prepared.  They then filled in their bubbles with the colors that they pictured in their minds. 

Second grade students created the mice by using templates for the body and ear shapes, and then completing the eyes, tails, and arms and legs with scraps of the ear paper.  These were then displayed in the hallway together, as a lovely tribute to the end of summer!