Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paul Klee!

I am so thrilled with the Paul Klee "Head of Man" project that I found on Art Projects for Kids. (As I am pretty much all of her projects).  I had already completed a Marc Chagall project [stay tuned for photos...] with my second graders, and they were hungry for more surreal art! 

I made the circle stencils for my kids out of cardstock, and had them trace them about halfway ("a little more than halfway") up the page (vertically).  For the eyes I did a dot in the very center, and then one on each side of the head, so that they are nice and even.  Then two "hops" for the tops, and two "skips" for the bottoms, and circles for pupils.  I had them connect any two squares or rectangles for the mouths. 

For the neck I made sure to demonstrate what is "too skinny".  And then straight out to the side for one nice square shoulder, and straight out to the other side to complete the figure.  The lines were 5 for the head, and 5 for the body. 

Everything was traced in Sharpie marker, and then colored with oil pastel.  No colors should touch on the inside of the head and body, and the background should be two analogous colors (we discussed this with a color wheel). 

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