Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pop Art Cows!

Second grade students listened to the story "The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down", by Paul Brett Johnson, and discussed the cows unexpected and expected behaviors.  This lead to a discussion of expected and unexpected cow colors, which is when I introduced pop art with Andy Warhol's brightly colored cows. 

We then followed a step-by-step approach to cow-ing that I found at the SmArt Teacher, and then modified for my purposes (i.e. my students modified!).

We drew in pencil, traced in black oil pastel, painted with tempera cakes, and then finally, with some classes, traced again (sloowly and carefully for a very bold outline) with black oil pastel.  I decided after all was said and done that I like them better with the final tracing, but they look fabulous either way!

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